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We’re all in this together!!!  We’ve been a part of the small business community in St. Louis for over 20 years and Lusso and our sister company 2Lu are proud to partner with The Women's Creative and Experience Booklet for #314TOGETHER as part of The Together Movement to connect and show our strength and support during unprecedented local business closures. As you know Lusso and many other local retailers and restaurants have had to shutter temporarily and are struggling to support staff and keep heads above water.  This is a tough time for all small businesses.   This initiative provides the opportunity to keep people working during this extraordinary time.  Proceeds will go toward getting food in the hands of our community members who need it and microloans through TWC for St Louis businesses.  Consider helping us so we can help others!

Be a part of this awesome movement by purchasing, wearing and posting #314TOGETHER during your social distancing. 

Lusso, 2Lu, The Women’s Creative, Experience Booklet, Logo Masters, and Joan Fisher are working hard to keep people working.

Join the conversation in the #314TOGETHER Facebook Group


A Bit more about the movement from THE WOMENS COLLECTIVE:

We see you St. Louis.
We’re here to show our support and rally this city together so we can keep moving forward during this time. WILL YOU JOIN US?
We have partnered with @experiencebooklet and @stlouisgram to create this movement of togetherness and support for local businesses and restaurants.
Here’s the bottom line:
Small businesses are hurting from events and public gatherings being cancelled and people choosing to stay home. There are creative ways we can support them and still bring in revenue for them, so here’s how we can do it:
• Use #314TOGETHER
• Share this post and spread the word
• Tag a local business below in need of some extra help right now
• Go to the #314TOGETHER Facebook Group to share any services, needs, promotions, anything at all that you or a business you know is looking for help getting the word out about. (link in our bio - @thewomenscreative)
Here are a few of our favorite ways you can support a local small business from home:
• Buy from their website, Instagram, Facebook, Etsy page
• Buy a gift card from any local business or restaurant that offers one
• Order takeout, curbside pickup for food from local restaurants or shops that offer it


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